blue Lion Invest Group

Blue Lion Invest Group

Blue Lion Invest Group is an international company builder, Incubator, Investor and strategic partner for disruptive and scalable businesses. Through their resources, knowledge and infrastructure Blue Lion Invest Group and its subsidiaries are the perfect partner to scale business ideas in any area to tackle the world´s driving problems.

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Business Experts

Our network of experts contain the best partner to scale our business ideas from the idea stage to later stages.

International approach

Through our international offices and the location-independent set up of Blue Lion Invest, we are able to work with ideas from all over the world.

Scalable business models

We are focusing on scalable business models within any imaginable business area.

Diversified portfolio

Our existing portfolio of privately owned companies and cooperative partnerships are widely diversified (e.g. Real Estate, Investment Activities, Consulting, E-Commerce, etc.)

Community & Network

Profit from the deep knowledge, the first-hand experiences and the best practices of our Network of founders, experts, investment professionals, etc.


Let´s find a way to innovate your business area together....

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."
Peter Drucker

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