Who we are

Blue Lion Invest Group is a holding company which different subsidiaries across various business sectors. Through our investments and companies we tackle the challenges of tomorrow with the help of disruptive, technology – based and digital business models. We incubate business ideas from the scratch, scale them and help costumers to push their boundaries.

Company Builder

Acting as an Incubator for disruptive business ideas, we scale and aim for long-term growth


Through various investments we tackle the challenges of tomorrow through innovation, technology and disruptive business models

Company transformation

We deliver new enterprise value – all the while transforming the organization in the process of market experienced business companies

New York

New York is seen as the most diverse entrepreneurial hub in the US and for us the center for all our activities across all sectors in the United States.

London & Munich

London´s world class financial and entreprenaurial ecosystem and Munich´s fast growing start-up community are home to our european activities.


Singapore is our hub for all our activities and investments in Asia. The asian finance hub is full of ideas and founders to be turned into businesses.